How was Greenvines started ?
In 2010, three students just graduating from National Taiwan University’s School of Finance worked for a period of time and decided to start Greenvines. The mission of their company is” To sprout a more genuine, healthier lifestyle that sustains.”

Its social impact  

  1. Greenvines revolutionized the agriculture industry and the way that Taiwanese eat by producing the first organic “live sprout” and investing extensive R&D.
  2. The company launched its first organic sprout extract skincare product.They extended their
    belief to personal care products.
  3. Meanwhile, through food/farming education, it is striving to develop a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for everyone.
  4. In addition, Greenvines also promotes Moringa Oil, a fair trade skin care product from Ghana which helps the growth of the Moringa trees and African farmers build better lives.
  5. As a certified B-Corp, Greenvines published its first benefit report in 2016.The company cares its employers’ welfare. For example, staff have 40 hours off paid off for volunteering every year.

What’s the business model of Greenvines?

In Bloomberg Business Week’s article, Greenvines is described as follows, “Greenvine, the Creator of Chinese Shu Uemura: Entrepreneurs who attempt  to break away from Tradition.”It has not only received widely recognition from the media but numerous awards(more than 50 media reports and 6 project awards from the government). Nowadays it works with over 300 high-quality distribution partners in Taiwan.

Written by Jennie Yen