In Our Hands – Steve Wyler

The story of community business demonstrates enthusiastic support from unlikely places, from radicals and conservatives, from the very poorest in society and from the very richest. It helps us to realise that the strength and endurance of the community business movement is not simply about breadth and scale in the here and now, but that we also have depth and scale in the past. And looking backwards into the history of community business turns out to be a way to help us look forward with greater confidence and hopefulness for the community business movement.

This is a fascinating book written by Steve Wyler OBE who was CEO of Locality until 2014. We have had the pleasure of knowing Steve for many years and learnt a lot from his wisdom and experience. He is up in The North East in early April to bring together activist around A Better Way.
This readable book reminds all of us engaged in civil society that we truly stand on the shoulders of giants. In tracing our history in such an engaging and readable way, Steve Wyler allows us to rethink our future, and in particular to understand the power of mutual support and solidarity in difficult times.

– Julia Unwin, Independent Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society