Social Enterprise: How to Successfully set up and grow a social enterprise – Heidi L Fisher

This is a book written by a Finance Director, Heidi Fisher so the messages about making money come across loud and clear. Heidi uses the Japanese concept of Ikigai “your reason for being” to illustrate how your passion, mission, profession and vocation can come together to shape a successful social enterprise.

The amazon description says: This book tells you what social enterprise is, how to set up a social enterprise and how to run, manage and grow it successfully.

•Do you want to make a difference to people and the planet?
•Do you want to make money in a way that aligns with your values?

This book makes it easier than you think with information on legal structures for social enterprise, how to develop products and services, pricing, tax and VAT issues, people management, marketing, financing and investment, social value and impact measurement, as well as looking at your exit strategy, how to avoid burnout and the future of social enterprise. The book is based on the UK perspective, and the tax and other legislation currently operating in the UK.

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