FUN Friday – Getting the Message Across, 2nd September

Hello! Is anybody out there? Fun Friday Free workshop for soical enterprises 2-4pm Sjovoll Centre, Pity me, Durham

Fun Friday is a workshop for social enterprises to develop their creative thinking and problem solving techniques through fun activities and team building exercises. You will get the opportunity to connect with like minded people, and other social enterprises, while working through ways in which you can create positive results in your local community. 

Fun Friday this week is design to help you with getting your message across. You will cover how you present yourself in a style that suits you and the situation. We’ll look at how your attitude  can change how people treat you.


Fun Friday is our weekly event for the SEA Stars programme, as part of DurhamWorks. Cant make it this time – don’t worry. Fun Friday runs every week. Check the Durham SEA Stars page for more information.Durham Works