How to be a Social Entrepreneur Make Money & Change the World

This book by Robert Ashton, a good friend of Social Enterprise Acumen is grounded and sensible. It’s now only available from 3rd party sellers but well worth both reading and then turning into action.


The blurb says

“Don′t just make money make a difference.”

As a social entrepreneur, you can build a business that changes the world. But you will face some unique challenges. This book will prepare you for them.

Packed with advice, inspiration and real–life stories, it will help you:

  • Define what you want to do and why you want to do it
  • Find the right kind of funding
  • Build a brand that makes you unique
  • Find a team as motivated and inspired as you are
  • Measure the impact you′re having

How to be a Social Entrepreneur is the only social enterprise start–up guide you′ll ever need.