Special iApps

Special iApps develop educational apps for children with special educational needs, including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment and other learning disabilities.

Special iApps is based in Durham and was founded by Bev and Colin Dean. Their younger son, William, was born in 2005 with Down syndrome and Hirschsprung’s disease. Bev recognised the potential of devices like the iPad for helping children with learning disabilities, but couldn’t find apps suitable for William, so she asked Colin to start writing some for him.

Special iApps are now growing with social investment and making the most of scale up programmes from UnLtd and the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Bev is a great supporter of the network and the North East Social Enterprise Festival run by Social Enterprise Acumen. They have won numerous awards for their work as tech entrepreneurs as well as for the social impact they are achieving.

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